Curiosity over Fear 2016

I’ve been choosing a word as focus for the new year for a while now. I don’t always follow it…and sometimes I totally forget what my word was (which is why I write it down somewhere) but since it’s a focal point for my year, instead of an actual end-point, I can always come back to it. Resolutions typically fail because we’re trying to attain something specific, and when we fall short, we tend to drop the whole thing. But a focal point is something you can always come back to, even after you’ve veered off the path.

My word for 2015 was LEAP, and boy did I ever…sometimes into a big black sea of nothingness that scared me to death…but here I am at the beginning of 2016 in a completely different ‘place’ than I was last year and all is well. Actually all is even better than just ‘well’. I learned more from leaping all over the place last year than I can remember in any other year. I learned that, while leaping into the unknown can certainly be terrifying, it’s way more interesting than staying stuck and unhappy. I also learned that opportunities to leap never stop showing up…which is good and also a little uncomfortable, right?! There’s no real end point…no final destination…just movement and change and chances and more chances and lots and lots of ways for things to be different.

So this year, I’m actually choosing a short phrase instead of a word – see, we can just make up the rules as we go along. This phrase, while not new or astounding in any way, came to me a BeCuriousTagfew times over the course of of a month; just sort of stood out from whatever text I was reading at the time and said, “notice me”. I got a little tingle when I came across it the first time…but then promptly forgot about it. We get busy and distracted right? When I saw it a second time, I got a bigger tingle, but it wasn’t until a week later, when I was having a cup of tea and pulled on the little paper tab to dunk the tea bag and it was written there too, that I decided to grab onto it.

Curious_EinsteinSo my phrase is “BE CURIOUS”. I know…right? How terribly exciting is that? But just stay with me a minute if you will. To be curious means “to be eager to learn or know”. I think it’s the word eager in there that was the clincher for me. If we’re eager to learn or know then we’re not in judgement and fear. We decide not to fall back on those two comfortable but ultimately painful companions, and instead, sit and feel and breathe and wait for the new knowing to arise.

I hope you will find your own focal points for the year that support your growth and celebrate the beauty and curiosity in you!

Be well,