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AquaTru Filter – What I Love and What I Don’t

Good, clean water is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle, but it seems it’s getting harder and harder to come by. I have been on a mission for as long as I can remember to make sure I had the cleanest, freshest water for myself, […]

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“We now know that diseases of the heart can also be caused by other, more subtle factors such as isolation, depression, and hostility that have to do with not only how we live, but how we experience our lives.” – “The Heart Speaks”, by Mimi Guarneri


I wanted to introduce the blog today with that quote from a book that I have read and refer to time and time again. We will explore all facets of a nourishing life here – the ones we all immediately think and hear about in the media: food, sleep, exercise, etc. But most of us miss the insidiousness of the stress we carry and the damage it has on every. single. aspect. of our lives.

I want this little space inside the vastness of the internet to be a safe place to express your heart, your needs, your struggles, your fears, your wants and desires. To create a community where we support one another and learn to nourish ourselves day to day.

I share the following with you because how we start our days sets the tone for everything that follows. We know how important gratitude is in relieving stress but I can’t ever seem to keep that gratitude journal everyone keeps talking about! I don’t really understand why that doesn’t work for me but instead of worrying about it, I just found something that does. I read this out loud every single morning and encourage you to do the same.  Give it a try and see how you feel. It’s from the guys over at Success Ultra Now.

“Today I give thanks in my heart for the opportunity to make a difference in the world. I understand that I can build on yesterday’s achievements and I accept that responsibility. I know that within me is an amazing natural potential and that it is my birthright to manifest that potential. I understand that this may be a subtle achievement recognized only by myself. It may be in the smile I give to a stranger. It may be in the peace I bring to the world. It may be in the love I allow to flow through my heart. I understand that my mission is to bring all of my thoughts, words and actions into harmony with the life purpose that is encoded within me.  I therefore dedicate this day to the expression of that purpose. I choose to live in harmony with my highest destiny. I choose to be the embodiment of my mission and I accept with a sense of wonder and gratitude the magic of life which is here to help me. I breathe the magic of life’s eternal love with every breath. This truly is the best day ever.”